We’re defined by the priorities we set ourselves in life.  It’s the choices that we make that, ultimately will determine the way we're perceived by others. 

What do you want to be remembered for? For most of us, our contributions to this world will be modest ones.  We won’t change the world, but we will leave a lasting impression. One that will remain and be remembered by those whose lives we’ve touched along the way.  

It's our true hope that we'll continue to look back on our own lives with a deep sense of pride.  A pride in our family and friends, along with a pride in our work.  We hope and we trust that the decisions made, both personally and professionally have been the good ones.  Taken with respect for others and without sacrificing the things that are most important.  These really are our core values.

We measure our success not by what we accomplish, but by what we inspire others to accomplish.  

Kev & Andi


Thank you Nike, Leiomy Maldonado & Precious Angel Ramirez for the inspirational video campaign, celebrating pride, equality and respect.

Life Really Is Precious!