We’ve been given the opportunity to perform a Duo Aerial Straps act in the Cirque du Soleil show Volta.  Volta is currently touring North America.  

The opportunity was presented to us several weeks ago.  After discussing it with each other and with our immediate family members, we felt it would be a symbolic way for us to honor and pay tribute to our friend and colleague Yann Arnaud.  Yann tragically lost his life recently during one of his performances on Volta.  He was doing what he loved the most.  This return to the Big Top stage is with mixed feelings.  This horrible accident affected us enormously, along with the circus community as a whole.  Each performance we do, we will do in the memory of Yann and for his beautiful family left behind.  There was one thing Yann loved more than performing and that was his family.  We spoke yesterday with Yann's wife Inna, along with his father Christian and together we decided we'd like to contribute a portion of each of our performances on Volta directly to support his daughters Lilia and Kiana. We all felt that Yann would appreciate this.   We can't imagine the pain and heartache felt after losing someone so close to you. 

This is for you Yann!

Kev & Andi