Our last blog update was in June and a lot has happened over these past eight months. We returned to Cirque du Soleil a little earlier than originally planned with a short tour with the show V ⭕️LTA. This was a very personal decision for us and as a result we’ll not share too many details of our time there. What we will say is that V ⭕️LTA is a very strong and passionate show. The artists are incredible! We’d encourage everyone to go and see it.

“Because You’re Still Here.” - For the loving memory of Yann Arnaud.

On V ⭕️LTA, along with the Aerial Straps act, we were given the opportunity to perform a very special number. The Lamp Act, which was created and developed by Pawel Walczewski, an artist on the show. It was the first time either of us had performed alone in a Cirque du Soleil show. It was an honor and a privilege to perform this act. We thank Pawel and the team on V ⭕️LTA for giving us this opportunity.

Our final performance on V ⭕️LTA was on New Years Eve. The very next day, we all flew to Hamburg, Germany to begin the training, rehearsals and remount of our Broadway Musical show Paramour. We’re so happy to be a part of this show again. It was a big hit with the New York audiences, so we look forward to bringing it to Germany. Paramour will open at the Stage Theater Neue Flora on April 14th.

An interesting fact: We’ll be sharing the Paramour stage with two other members of the Atherton Family. Andrew’s wife Gasya will be returning to perform her Hand To Trapeze act, along with and our nephew Jack will also be joining with his own Hand To Trapeze act.