An average American spends as much as 90% of his or her life indoors.  With vast improvements in technology this number will increase, as more children are opting to skip the park for time spent on an iPad, Smartphone or gaming system.  With shorter, colder days it can be increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to go outdoors. Venturing outside hasn’t been an easy task for us and our family during our stay here in Calgary.  However, it’s a part of our usual daily routine that we simply cannot give up. 


Being outdoors gives us the opportunity to be physically active in a continually changing environment.  Whether walking, hiking or running, our bodies and minds will learn to adapt.  The more challenging the terrain or weather conditions, the harder our body works to sustain an efficient work rate.  Effectively burning more calories.

Outdoor exercise, such as jogging or walking can reverse the damage caused by prolonged sitting.  The muscle activity and increased blood flow from as little as a 15 minutes jog or walk can reverse the damaged caused to leg arteries from three hours of sitting. 

Something to think about...

Kev & Andi

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