You’ve made getting fit your 2018 New Year’s resolution. Most of you have been thinking about it for months, but is the new year the best time to start? 

In January, the gyms will be packed with new, motivated members, determined to transform their bodies. Before you hit the gym running, we recommend you start slowly. If you’ve never worked out before, both your body and mind will need time to adjust. Make the commitment to gradually build fitness into your daily routine. Working out at home is a great beginning. Ten minutes in the morning is all you need. Exercising first thing in the morning will make you less likely to skip your workout. It will boost your metabolism and improve your mood for the day ahead. 


Go for long walks in the evening or take your children to the park. The fresh air will clean your lungs, improve digestion, blood pressure and heart rate. It will give you more energy, a sharper mind and overall, will make you feel a happier person. Not to mention the benefits this hour or two will have on your children and your relationship with them. 

Regardless of your level, when starting any fitness program, gradual is the way to go. Let your body and mind ease into things. Going all-out will only result in frustrating aches, pains and possible injuries. Have specific goals and accomplish them in a short time. Alternate muscle groups and vary your workout routine. This will give your muscles, joints, and ligaments a chance to rest and recover. The best approach is to try a little of everything and have fun doing it. It may take a little time before you find a workout routine that suits you, but stick at it and you’ll find it.

Combine this new training program with healthier eating habits too. Avoid using the phrases “I’m starting a new diet” or “I’m on a diet”. These phrases imply you’re beginning something that you plan to finish, or you’re on something that you intend to come off. Whether you like it or not, this is how our brains are wired to think. Use the word change instead. Make the change to a more healthier lifestyle. This change should be directional, gradual and sustainable. If you’re wanting to eat healthier, do it slowly. Start by changing one habit in your daily routine. It could be reducing the amount of alcohol you consume or cutting back on your sugar intake altogether. Subtle changes over time will bring significant results.

Finally, don’t wait until next year to start your healthier lifestyle. It’s no secret that the holiday season can be challenging. Poor food choices and increased alcohol consumption will have a negative impact on your health and motivation for the year ahead. Building healthier habits now will help you avoid making unhealthy choices over the holidays. It’s a commitment to yourself, but it’s a commitment that you won’t regret.

Happy Holidays!

Andi & Kev