It can never be said that the life of an artist is normal or predictable.  Mundane? Boring?  No, these aren’t adjectives we’d ever use to describe our lives too.  As individual people, we’re constantly evolving.  As a collective unit, we seem to always be on the move and yet, as our family grows we find ourselves searching for some stability and routine.  A stability and routine that simply we may never have. 


It has to be said that Las Vegas was never a city in which any of us thought one day we’d live in.  Yet somehow, here we are, the five of us, with another one on the way, living our unpredictable lives in one of the world’s most unpredictable cities.  How long we’ll stay here, who knows?  That depends on many factors. We chose to stop planning our lives many years ago.  For now it’s home, and we love it here.


If there’s one thing life has taught us, it’s to embrace and appreciate all the simple journeys along the way.  For even they can be full of adventure.

Kev & Andi